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Were nearing the end of 2007, what was your guys favorites?

and why?For me it was definitely COD4. Awesome MP, and a short but also awesome Singleplayer.Were nearing the end of 2007, what was your guys favorites?
God of War 2Were nearing the end of 2007, what was your guys favorites?
among the games released in 2007?Final Fantasy Tactics: War of Lions. Well among original titles, I'd say Persona 3 or Assasin's Creed.
From what I've gotten so far, I'd say, Halo 3, BioShock, and Crackdown.
Personal Favorites....RPG
The Witcher - Finally, a real mature RPG that delivers great choice, actual consequence, and actual moral ambiguity in player choices then the typical cut and dry ''good vs. evil'' cliche so many other RPGs fall into. The Witcher is definitely one of the best RPGs to arrive in quite awhile that actually feels and plays like an RPG to the core. CD Projekt RED Studio's debut game managed to be a better RPG then what veteran developers have released in recent years....if CD Projekt RED keeps delivering projects of this quality while continuing to make improvements with each new installment, they'll definitely carry the torch of other great RPG developers such as Black Isle Studios and BioWare.

God of War II - It was hard to imagine how this could get any better then the amazing God of War from 2005, but this game took everything from that game and upped the ante....definitely my favorite Action title of 2007.

Crysis - Amazing Visuals....Check. Great Single Player Campaign....check. Cool Weapons and Items....check. Awesome Environments...check. Good Length....Check. Of course Crysis had the best graphics out of every game this year, but it also delivered the gameplay. Crysis has everything I was looking for in an FPS, and then some. Crysis took game visuals, technology, and the FPS genre a step forward all while showing the doubters that it definitely had great gameplay to go with the pretty looks.Half Life 2: Orange Box - Hands down the best value of the year. You get what I consider the most fun multiplayer shooter of the year with TF2. You get the excellent Portal which I consider a pretty innovative title in the genre. And you get what could be considered the best single player shooter in recent years along with a great new episode.Call of Duty 4 - Though it's definitely a short, COD4 definitely had a great and intense campaign, as well as delivering some of the best visuals this year. Though the game could get a little too chaotic at times, I definitely feel that taking it into the modern era made for probably the best entry into the series so far. Action Adventure
Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - Another game I wish I had spent more time with, but no denying it's a top notch title. Platformer
Super Mario Galaxy - Though I will admit I haven't been able to spend as much time with this title as I've wanted due to playing it on my friends Console, but this is some of the most fun I've had with a title all year. SMG is defintely to 2007 what SM64 was in 1996 in all the right ways. I'm actually rooting for this one to win Overall GOTY.
Im gonna throw a curveball and go with Crayon Physics.Yes I know. ''WTF?!'' Check it out. Its really amazing.Also check out my blog about it.
For me it would be crysis hands down, greatest shooter i have ever played in a long long time.
Super Mario Galaxy. Why?
ratchet and clank size matters
The Witcher... slaying monsters, drinking beer, and hooking up with medieval women is so much fun.
Console- Uncharted Drakes FortuneHand held-Zelda Phantom Hour GlassPC-WoW Burning Crusade
call of duty 4, i love the multiplayer
So many great titles this year and I STILL have to say that The Witcher wins hands down IMO. It's hard to compare apples and oranges but the fact that RPG fans everywhere have been screaming for something that actually took character, story, and moral dilemmas a step further than Planescape Torment since the 90's (ok, thelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate 90's.... like the last few weeks)makes any game that finally comes along out of nowhere to deliver an automatic win. There's really no genre that has stalled out for quite that long without dying and I'm thrilled that we're finally back on track.
it would have to b halo3 even tho i dont own it

i played it in a lan party and it is FUN, it was sooo fun we couldnt put it down 4 24+ hours
Super Mario Galaxy - I don't think I've ever played a game this perfectRunners up:

UnchartedHeavenly Sword (underrated game of the year)God of War IIMetroid Prime 3Ratchet and Clank Future
Rock Band
WoW - Burning Crusade: Great design, tons of stuff to do, even if creatively this wasn't always up to snuff.Mass Effect: I missed Bioware so bad, so this was very welcome.Uncharted: Best cinematic action title ever.Super Mario Galaxy: Nigh-on perfect (for it's genre).Orange Box: Just can't argue with that.Motorstorm: My favourite arcade racer of the year.Bioshock: My favourite survival horror game of the year.
Fantasy War...It took me by surprise. I never saw this title coming...and it was great.City of Villains, Medieval Total War, Beyond the Sword (civ) all have a legit entrance into my favorites for this year as well, but medieval is an old game, city of villains I was already playing...so only Beyond the Sword is kinda new...I guess I am becoming old and grumpy! 8)
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