Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gaming System you use the most

I was just curious as to what other people use the most.I want to know:A: What is the system you spend the most time on right NowB: What is the system you spent the most time on (All-time)And, naturally... if you would like, you can add why you play on what you play on.---I'll go first:Right now I use my Dreamcast the most. I just can't get enough of it... so many great games! All time tho, PC deffinitley takes the cake. I spent my childhood on ol' greybox, and that's countless hours right there, I doubt it will ever be topped. Gaming System you use the most
A: This year definitely the PC, especially with the releases that have come out since Fall like Crysis, The Witcher, HL2 Orange Box, COD4, Gears of War PC, and UT III....and going forward into 2008 that doesnt seem to chance especially with titles like Spore, Mafia 2, HL2 Episode Three, STALKER Clear Sky and others scheduled to arrive next year...not to mention future mods and maps we'll be seeing for Portal, TF2, UTIII, and Gears of War PC.B: Definitely PC, especially when I take into account the lengthy RPG games and the time spent in many top quality multiplayer titles over the years.Gaming System you use the most
Tie between Wii and DS.
Right now: Xbox 360

All time: Xbox
PS3-all the timePS2-not so much
Right now 360 - Halo 3- Currently level 40, want to get to 45 then to BrigadierAll time - GamecubeI miss the old days of my Gamecube, I remember all the games I used to play (this was before I discovered GS)Baten Kaitos, Tales of Symphonia, Paper Mario 2, Windwaker, Ocarina of Time Masterquest, Resident Evil 4, Super Smash Bros. Meelee, Mario Kart: Double Dash!, Mario Party 6, Prince of Persia 2, ahhhh those were my glory days. I didn't read reviews so I bought whatever looked good! I remember playing through Baten Kaitos 2 times, and Resident Evil about 10, and Super Smash Bros. Meelee nonstop, along with beating Mario Kart on 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and Mirror Mode. I unlocked every character in Meelee and I had about 3 stages left to unlock, then I deleted that file :(
Right now my 360, alltime....probably my 360.
I use my PS2 the most .Tie between PS1 Snes, and PS2 for all time
definintely pc for all time and most played now
between all the mmorpg's ive tried and playing fps online, this trumps the time i played on my 2nd most system, ps2 which i mostly play sports games and final fantasy series on
Right now I spend about an equal amount of time on PS3 and WiiAll time, it would have to be the PS1
Right now - tie between PC and 360. WoW on PC takes a lot of my time, while I tend to play most new games on 360.All-time: Probably the PS2.
right now I currently play my 360, the system I mostly play is my SNES ( I just cant get enough of Final Fantasy III)
Right Now: Wii - Galaxy, Metroid

All-time: PC - I've been using the beige box since the days of DOS.
Right now - WiiAll time - I think Gameboy colour - might be N64 or GC though, I'm not sure.
Now: PCAll time: PCMy Xbox360 and Wii get a little bit of love from time to time.
Wow, I expected a lot more older systems to be mentioned :shock:SNES and PS1 are only mentioned a couple of times...NES/Atari/other old sh!t not even mentioned once, wow!I guess not too many retros around here!So why the love for a specific system?
I used to play on SNES, PSX and PS2 a hell of a lot. Now it's PC only, I don't have a Wii PS3 or 360. Sold the SNES years ago, PSX died, and recently my PS2 died. GameCube is the system I have used the least, makes a great door stop. Still play on Xbox now and again when a friend of mine comes round.A: PCB: A really tough choice between SNES, PSX and PS2. I can't remember tbh.
360 hands down.
PC, goodRPG and GBT games are extremely scarse outside the PCs...I also have a PS2 (didn't play it for 2 years now I think; Champions of Norrath was my last game on this console), a Xbox (Morrowind and KOTOR 1...long long time ago), 360 (Overlord and Oblivion) and a DS (Advance Wars; Dual Strike...2 years not played either). Aside for a few nights exceptions playing oldies...such as Joust! (could be on any of these except the DS...yet it is on the Xbox).
PS3 for right now, PS2 or DS in general
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