Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Should I get if for Xbox 360 or PC?Oblivion
Doesn't really matter. It sucks equally on both platforms.Oblivion
[QUOTE=''Xyphereos'']Should I get if for Xbox 360 or PC?[/QUOTE]PC much much much MUCH... did I say much? o wait, yeah MUCH BETTER ON PC.[QUOTE=''Griefing-Sam'']Doesn't really matter. It sucks equally on both platforms.[/QUOTE]Don't be a hater.WOOT #4000 POST.
[QUOTE=''Griefing-Sam'']Doesn't really matter. It sucks equally on both platforms.[/QUOTE] lol!
PC. A lot easier to control graphics, control options, and the character itself, and you can download skin packs, worlds, items, etc. additionally.
From my experience, you won't need to do many reflex and precision-based actions so combat controls should be good for both versions, but you can set up hotkeys in the PC version. Not sure if you could quickly select a weapon, spell, or item in the 360 version as I haven't played it, but I didn't really need to use them so again, they're both perfectly good choices.Graphics will obviously be better on the PC version if your PC can handle it, especially through mods. If your PC stinks you'd probably be better off with the 360 version. I should, though, mention that the PC version allows you to disable shadows by setting graphics to Very Low which may help a lot in dungeons. :twisted:It boils down to which system you favor and whether you think you'll like the game or not. I personally didn't like Oblivion, but that's me.
One word: mods. The additional quests and add-ons you can download make for an even longer experience.
I personally loved the game. So to thetrolls whopost it sucks and nothing else, go post somewhere else. As for version, it depends how good you PC is. I had the PS3 version and there are hotkeys with the dpad, so I assume the 360 version has hotkeys too. The game looks awesome on either console so if you are worried aboutyour PC go with the 360 version. Oh yeah, if you don't have an hd tv, go with the PC, it will have asharper pictureeven on lower settings.
u can get more mods on PC platform,man.it's funny
PC, the mods make this already colossal game even bigger.
If you have a great computer, then I would suggest Oblivion, but if your computer sucks, then go for the 360. IMO, one of the best games ever made.
Get it ofr 360 because if the downloadable content.

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