Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Preliminaries Percentage Shift

It looks like suddenly there was a massive shift in the percentage of and a drop in the number of votes for Crysis and Unreal Tournament 3. Did something happen? Was some kind of tampering detected?I know I'm not crazy...I've been looking each time I stop by the site...Preliminaries Percentage Shift
Well the % will obviously change if more people vote for the othert games, thats normal. But are you sure the actual number of votes changed?Preliminaries Percentage Shift
Well I've seen it too. And the most interesting thing is that the quoted numbers got smaller. I am absolutely sure that yesterday Crysis had 28000 votes and was 1st place. Now it has only around 10000. Very strange. I'll be glad if s'o from gamespot explains. Is the outcome already decided ?
I noticed the same thing, only with Crysis though; being the only game I actually looked at the numbers long enough to memorize.
There was something odd going on. Both Crysis and UT 3 shot up in number of votes way too fast and they were both neck and neck.

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