Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Waterworld MMORPG

Step 1: Watch the movie Waterworld. Do not take any logical and/or scientific flaws in the world depicted in the movie into account when discussing in this thread.Step 2: Think of an mmo (rpg would be best imo, but it might require some innovative thinking to work) set in the Waterworld... world.Step 3: Discuss. I myself believe that if the concept ends up with the right devs, it could become simply awesome. Waterworld MMORPG
It's funny I actually did watch the movie recently (at work) and thought there were some cool concepts in the movie. I cant really see how an mmorpg could work since you'd have to traverse so much water to get to anything but hey who knows.Waterworld MMORPG
Yeah, the travel problem is the one thing that needs to be overcome first. It's difficult, but by no means impossible.
[QUOTE=''Ol_skool_Gamer'']Yeah, the travel problem is the one thing that needs to be overcome first. It's difficult, but by no means impossible.[/QUOTE]As long as the battle system doesnt turn out like Bloodwake than I'd be down with it. Also I'd want to be able to visit the underwater ruins via the bathysphere.
I think it could work, just take any MMO and transform the land into water. Water would be the new ground. It would just take some innovative thinking to get the transportation down. There would of course be water taxi's of sorts that are going to certain areas for you. Perhaps it could be like Vanguard and you get a ''mount'' early in the game. Or maybe the whole newbie area of the game can be a series of quests from one city area that involves getting a boat together for yourself. But wouldnt there be a problem with enemies? It sounds like almost all you would encounter would be humans.
I think I was one of the few people who actually liked Waterworld. While I'm not a big MMORPG player, I think this could be a really cool concept if done well.
A waterworld MMO would be something cool to try out. In the movie there where ''mutated'' humans which could be emphasized more in the game. You could probably start out with a normal boat with a standard harpoon, and get upgrades for it such as bigger sails and a mini-submarines when you complete quests, kill pirate enemies, and hunt for items. You could have trading with other players, or kill them to loot some stuff, but the starting zone you start in would not allow PvP to allow new players to start off well. You can create a guild when a player collects enough items to build a small home base for it.I can only imagine....
Isnt blizzard working on this? Or have they stopped it awhile ago?
It would be like Wind Waker, only much worse :?

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