Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Any recovering MMORPG addicts feeling the itch again?

I am ashamed to say that I want to play FFXI again. I hate this game, I really do, but damn it if I didn't love playing it for certain aspects. The only thing that keeps me from starting up again is the ridiculous time sink that you have to endure to do the smallest crap, and the monthly fee. If it was much faster to level up and didn't have that stupid fee, I'd start again.Any recovering MMORPG addicts feeling the itch again?
ff11 was addicting. i miss my red mage. i was thinking of starting up again in fact.oh yeah we use to do triple magic burts......epicnessAny recovering MMORPG addicts feeling the itch again?
I know exactly what you mean. I was complete EverCrack addict back in the day. I played throughout 1999 until the beginning of 2001, taking breaks here and there, but never staying away for more than a couple months. But finally I got fed up with enough things that I said screw it, and tossed it aside. But, a year later I'd read about the expansion packs I missed and would start to get curious again and eventually started up the account again.However,the drawwasn't quite the same, the things that frustrated meseemed worse than ever,and a month later I stopped playing. This happened a couple more times, with the time I spent playing getting shorter and the gaps getting longer. The last gap was about 3 years long, and I only went back for a week. That was back in January. So I say go back, and have fun for a little while. My bet is if you were truly frustrated with the game, you probably will get just as frustrated when you go back, and the addiction won't be quite the same.
I have that itch to play every single day....It was my first MMO and I absolutley loved it. I def would probably start up again if it wasn't so old...considering its out on 360 now too I wouldn't have to upgrade my comp..But I hear SE is making a new MMO but they haven't release anything about it yet.
I'm feeling the urge to start replaying Dungeon Runner's again, i got to level 30 within a week and decided i had better stop before the addiction took too strong a hold over me. Sadly i cant stop thinking about reinstalling it and starting my subscription again...
Yeah. I just tried Eve Online recently. It seemed cool at first, but in the end I decided that game is probably not for me. It doesn't seem all that team-oriented and there is too much of a disconnect between what you are doing in the game and what you are ''earning.''
I can't say I like the common MMORPGs because they rely too much on stats, items and level progression. I long for the day when there is a good Space Sim MMO - WITH NO GODDAMN FEES :x

If games like Guild Wars can be made without the need for fees then I don't see why there should be any.
dont worry. whenever you go back, you have fun for a couple weeks with whatever new content, but then you remember all the reasons you left, and flee again.
I played Everquest back in 2000 for three months, but I never really got addicted to it.
WoW, i have to drown out the itch with PS3 games.
I managed to stop playing WOW about 4 months ago because school was in but soon it wil be the winter semester, a few months of no school for me with very little to do... i hope i dont get on it again because wow use to eat up an minimum of 6hours a day.
I get the WoW itch all the time. I haven't played for 8 months now but I've had the itch constantly since then. I don't know if it will ever go away, even though I know the WoW I miss (pre-TBC, esp. 40-man endgame with friends who are no longer there) isn't coming back. I'm wondering if it is something that is just always there once it gets in your blood. I don't know if I will play WoW again, but once WotLK comes out it will be tough not to. I have to ignore other MMOs as well, or I'll be tempted to give them a try and see what it's like.
I haven't been subscribed since July and I've spent a lot of money on games since then :D MMO's make you save money. I've made a promise not to play another MMO before AoC comes out. I played LOTRO for eight months and then I got bored. Delaying AoC twice messed my plans :D
I quit Everquest, came back, quit again. That game nearly ruined my life. I was working till 4, went home logged on, went to bed at 2 sometimes, got up at 6, went to work again, so on and so forth.Final Fantasy XI was no different. The entire game is a grindfest with almost no storyline progression. It takes literally a whole Final Fantasy single player game of playtime to get anywhere in the story.Seriously, do yourself a favor and not.I know I'd wash out of my PhD program if I ever took up an MMO again.
Unfotunately, or fortunately I'm completely cured from MMORPG itch. FFXI would get me itching again if so many people didn't quit.Perhaps it's technology, but MMORPG haven't reached full potential yet. Once they make MMORPG that's worth playing, then I'd get back to it, but while WoW is the best MMORPG out there, I have no reason to feel the itch again.
I played three in my lifetime. FFXI, WoW and LOTRO. But i never was addicted to any. Hell, i have never got past level 18 on any of the three either. But I do have an itch to play A mmorpg. I tend to like the concept more than the execution and end up wasting how many dollars for the game and monthly fees for nothing. I was keeping an eye out for Conan but I dont know what happend to it, but the game intrigued me. Still, I dont want to start up cause I feel MMOs are a committment and i could never enjoy something that felt like that.
yeah WoW, espeically with their new faster leveling thing, which is the thing i disliked it for most before, also with star wars galaxies which was my first mmorpg so it holds a special place in my gaming heart
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