Tuesday, December 13, 2011

inverted axis or normal

inverted, i just somehow got used to it. ( this goes for y axis, look up look down)inverted axis or normal
I hate inverted axis. I like pressing 'down' to look down and press 'up' to look up.inverted axis or normal
I alwaysdo normal. It does not make sense to me at least that down means up and up means down.
If it's the left joystick it has to be inverted, but if it's the right joystick it can't be inverted.
well i got used to it when it was already default. I didn't know how tochange it, so i just got used to it
I've gotten used to having an inverted vertical axis, but I prefer a normal horizontal axis. Not sure why, it's just what I learned with, and thus what I've come to prefer in most circumstances.
it goes for right
It depends. If I'm doing FPS I like normal, and if I'm doing a flight simulator or other stuffI like inverted. I'm camera-ambidextrous! :D
Inverted when I am flying a plane. Not inverted when I am controlling the camera or first person mode.
Third person is normal, on-rails/first person is inverted. I think.
I don't use inverted axis, but I could probably get used to it if I was forced to use it...
thats how i got used to it
I can play with either, but I feel more comfortable with inverted.
i only use inverted y controls when flying. normal for everything else
I always use normal, it just seems more natural to me.

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